FIFA 17: 6 tips to become a pro game

Play FIFA is good. But even spend nonstop hours without eyes off the screen, so do things well.

Here are ten tips to become a pro in FIFA 17:

1. Press immediately after ball loss

FIFA 17 Tricks

In this sequel, the game developers have introduced artificial intelligence elements that in case of loss of ball, players immediately press the opponent to get the leather.

With this improvement, the defense is more responsive and aggressive. It will get used to this feature that makes it more realistic play.

2. Change training

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Change his formation: a must if you want to optimize your team on the field. Depending on the profile of your players and your opponents, you adapt.

The 4-2-3-1 and the 4-4-2 are the most common training, but do not hesitate to use the 3-5-2 that provide greater density in midfield, and training globally more offensive if your wingmen make weight.

3. Alternate different types of passes

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Be a good player of Astuce FIFA 17 is also master the different types of passes that are available to you: short pass or long pass in the feet or deep, floor or lobed.

Only by alternating all types of passes that you will manage to develop a nice play on the pitch and scoring goals of anthology still surprising opponents.

4. A new way of the ball chipper

FIFA 17 Tricks

Another novelty introduced in FIFA 17 Hack is in the defensive area. Indeed, press B or round (depending on the game console) allows to approach the opponent and paste it to finally chipper the ball in the feet.

Impossible to fault with this method, which does not however always possible to recover the possession of the leather.

5. FIFA Ultimate Team

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FIFA Ultimate Team game mode (FUT for short) allows, as its name suggests, to establish the best team possible.

But it is not to add up the stars without thinking. We must also take into account the collective to create an alchemy, and pay particular attention to the players who have to play together as close to the ground.

6. New dribbles to surprise the opponent


As each new installment, EA has expanded the number of dribbles available.

Master the many opportunities dribbling available to you is one of the keys to and discover always a little your opponent and make you a master of the game.

The Best Drag Racing thunder got a major update


The basic concepts of CSR Racing 2 remain faithful to the original installment of the game

The sequel to the highly popular racing game  CSR Racing has finally arrived in the hands of NaturalMotion and Zynga and the basics remain the same. Hone your skills in endurance racing improves the cars you have, acquires other new advances through teams increasingly difficult races to prove yourself … Not much different from the original franchise, right?

Actually, this is not entirely true. Only enough to do things sometimes potentially confusing.

First trick: Green on the tachometer is your new best friend.

In this new installment of CSR Racing has disappeared waiting on your dashboard or “dashboard” when out and wait for the right time to change gear. Instead, your new friend when it comes to going fast is a green area on your tachometer .

At the start of the competition, you have to rev the engine so that the needle up to the green zone when the count reaches steel for a perfect start. Then, when you’re in the fever of competition, you need to shift gears when the needle back to green again.

Extra Tip: Worth on some cars revolutionize the needle back to the correct zone at the end of the count .

As in the original version, in this CSR Racing 2 your car will reach higher speeds when upgrading several components. There are five levels of upgrades for all seven parts, which will be accessible gold or money spending, with a sixth level you can only install if you win the correct specific part of the car.


In CSR Racing 2 there are special items that can make your car much better than others in the same category or level

The first three levels of updates can be installed immediately . Four five levels are imported parts (in the game world) and take time to be delivered at least you invest your gold and skip the wait.The best tool to get unlimited resources is by using the csr racing 2 cheats to add unlimited gold and cash in the game


There are also special items called “fusion parts” that can be installed after you made several updates to a given component. Melting parts do not add much to the potential of your car , but can make the difference between cars that under other circumstances would be exactly the same, they are also linked to certain brands (not models).

Clash Royale: the trick to gain advantage elixir


In Clash Royale Hack items can be very tight if the matchmaking places before us an opponent with the same level as us. The truth is that this often happens in most cases, so that any errors can commit that we end up losing a tower and from there downhill to lose the game.

The good news is that there is a way to win so simple that seems so silly; use the advantage of elixir to lift us to victory. Normally, if the game is tight, the difference between winning and losing is to reach the last 20 seconds with a lead of 5 units elixir over our opponents, so we we tell you how to use that advantage.

Using the advantage of elixir

  • Control at all times the elixir rival . The first assaults of the game, whether ours or rival, are fairly simple to contain since it does not use a very aggressive strategy until the game is nearing completion. At that time, we must be very well controlled using the cards your opponent to attack or defend, which brings us to control the elixir that has been spent. Go blindly only get letters have to respond to our final attack, so we must have your elixir even more controlled than ours.
  • Proactive use cards to keep the advantage of elixir . This can be applied to the first 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the three minutes that lasts the game. We should always opt for proactive cards, which have an average consumption of elixir but at the same time are able to reach the opponent ‘s tower and cause some damage. For example, the mini dragon or giant are good cards to reach the tower, as long as we launch not two of them at the same time as we would at a disadvantage in the game.The balance is very important in each game, or if we do not reach the tower, will be wasted elixir.
  • Reaching the final seconds with +5 elixir respect our opponents . Here’s the real trick elixir, and it ‘s always come with more than 5 units elixir respect our opponents. As we will have thrown a letter to defend the final attack our opponent will be almost impossible to reach with the whole elixir bar, but 5 of elixir will be more than enough to win. As our troops defend the flank which attack the opponent, we will put the artillery on the other side and our opponent will have no way to stop the troops. This will give us the tower, and possibly victory.

Following these three steps will achieve that longed advantage of elixir that will make us win. The trouble is that we have a good level and good cards, so do not forget to go through our basic tips and advanced tips to win and our guides to quickly raise the level , get a lot of gold , make winning streams and get gems .