Dawn of Titans v Mod Tip

Dawn of the Titans v1.5.9 Mod apk Android Data

Lead EPIC TITANS in 3D monumental battles with thousands of soldiers, all controlled by you. War against other players and CAPTURE their land by the power of your army and your skills on the battlefield.

With 3D graphics console quality and ultra-addictive gameplay, Dawn of Mod Titans starts a new era. Free Dawn of titans Gems


Action Strategy MMO Games

Dawn of the Titans v1.5.9 Mod APK provides:

– Lead your army to victory in impressive 3D battles

– Raise and train epic titans *

** – War against the players and take their land

– Build your kingdom to power your domination

WHAT NEW dE in Dawn of the Titans Mod v1.5.9 APK

Alliance events are here! Compete with other alliances to demand unique price. The first event begins soon!

Discover new Titan Arena lands on the world map in claim Titan XP Potions

new user interface and beautiful optimizations.

Twitter Integration. Show your new super rare Titans!

new campaigns

Hundreds of bug fixes and optimizations to improve performance and stability

watch a video for more Portal stones to keep fighting!

Dawn of the Titans v1.5.9 Mod APK – Mod Info

Free shopping (you can buy anything, even you have precious stones) Free upgrade your buildings

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Asphalt Xtreme Cheats: Tips, Tricks and Strategy


Asphalt Xtreme has been launched recently and already got our most promising game of the week award, so I think it’s only natural to try and find out some great ways of getting better at the game. Therefore, we have a complete set of Asphalt Xtreme cheats to share with you: tips, tricks and strategy advice to make sure that you get the best out of this amazing iPhone and iPad game.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the Asphalt Xtreme cheats for the iOS version below!

1. Start by choosing the best control scheme for you
Some love the tilt based gameplay, while others (myself included) hate it. In order to make sure that you’re playing at maximum potential, make sure to check out all the possible control schemes and choose the one that works best for you.

2. Master the Nitro
This one is pretty obvious: Nitro gives you great speed and boosts your vehicle forward. Try to get Nitro whenever possible and only use it when you can fully take advantage of it, usually in straight lines. You’ll be cruising past your competition like the super driver you are!

3. Master the Drifts
Nitro is not everything and drifting is extremely important too! Drifting might be difficult at first, but mastering it is not that complicated, actually.

4. Get Airborne whenever you get the chance
This game doesn’t have “Xtreme” in its title for no reason! Therefore, make sure that you do the barrel rolls and get all the air time that you can. As a tip to increase that, use the nitro right before getting on a plarform for that extra speed boost.

5. Stay safe!
You don’t want to lose precious seconds by wrecking your car, so always try to stay safe: learn the tracks, learn the turns, especially those hard to make ones and always keep your car in one piece. It’s better to go slower near obstacles that could wreck your car then collide and waste those precious seconds that will put you behind.

6. Learn the maps
It’s pretty obvious that you won’t be a pro from the beginning, so make sure you keep playing the same maps over and over again, trying to find new routes and getting used with the tracks. You will eventually find the shortest way around, and you should make sure to master it ASAP.

7. Keep some nitro for the end
One of the most annoying things in the game is that close to the finish line your opponents will blast in front of you. If you have that nitro, use it right before the end of the race to make sure that you keep your lead.

8. Save money for upgrades
Probably the most important thing to do is to upgrade your vehicle. Therefore, try to reduce spending and only purchase upgrades for a while. The better your car, the higher the chances to get all the stars and #1 positions which will in return give you more money.

9. What upgrades to buy
I personally suggest getting the Handling upgrade first in order to make it easier for you to control your car. Then the top speed is a must, followed by nitro and acceleration.

These are our Asphalt Xtreme tips and tricks to help you improve your gameplay. If you have other suggestions to share, I am sure that our readers would be more than happy to hear them!

Shadow Fight 3 Cheats, Hacks Free Bots, Information, Ideas And STrategies

Shadow Combat two is a nail-biting combination of RPG and also classical Preventing.


Step one pertaining to dishonest effectively is usually to download our Shadow Fight 3 hack and cheat tool! Operate the particular app and select your own preferred Shadow Fight 3 cheat codes! Our special coach tool will make it easier to being certainly one of the actual best participant with Shadow Fight 3! We guarantee that unique hack computer software will continue to work one hundred% on your own device! Please explain the particular Shadow Fight 3 cheat app options!

The Particular Shadow Fight 3 hack instrument had been analyzed and also works nicely with all gadgets like PC (Windows XP, Windows 7, Residence windows eight, Windows 8.1), MAC, Android (Android 2.three Gingerbread, Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Android four Frozen Goodies Sandwich, Android four.1 Jelly Bean and Package-Kat) or perhaps IOS (6 and 7)! the hack instrument ended up being examined also it is a hundred% protected to make use of! In Order To remove this text, login to your WordPress admin panel and go to look >> Widgets, along with drag & drop a widget directly into this widget panel. free team supplies anyone using the newest working cheats, hacks, bots and trainers to your favourite games. Download and play games coming from earlier consoles such since the SNES, PS1, N64 and Sega Genesis. S, outcomes as well as reference supplies by simply anyone as well as various trustworthy resources within your internet net on-line affiliate marketing program. These People suggest your cheat sport suggestions obtain may become avid followers with shadow fight 3 hack online the genre who’re ready to bash enemies. Shadow Combat 2 Hack functions for Android and iOS units together using iPhone,iPad and also iPod Contact.

On the whole, the next the a part of your dream from the Shadow Fight 3 hack for Android recreation ended up being really enticing and also elegant. 2nd deposit: 70% bonus, within the particular 350 dollars, and in addition the twenty dollar free regarding charge chip. Along With the actual numbers as well as codes with regard to Microsoft being obtainable upon entirely different sites, there are the quantity of different deals obtainable. last step is to click on Join” button along with anticipate message Linked” to check subsequent for you to it. In Order To download your games, it’s simply a straightforward degree right after which usually click on process, plus it’s not necessarily heading to damage your current PS3, just be specific you could hold the arduous disk drive space inside your video games. When the factor is what it’s most about Related” you tend to be in a new position to proceed to lower tab using real Shadow Fight 3 hack. Observe for Chrome customers: If Google chrome detect this obtain as spam” then kindly copy the download hyperlink along with paste and also in different browsers to have direct download.. Your third assortment and the easiest is to get Shadow Fight 3 Hack Device. Using Shadow Fight 3 Hack an individual may add resources and improve your character immediately.

Are you looking for Shadow Combat 2 Cheats and useful Shadow Fight 3 Tips and Suggestions for the fight? Safe mode “will be absolutely essential for iOS alongwith Android fashions of Shadow Struggle two hack engine, Nevertheless you do not want it for Fb mannequin of the sport as you Possibly Could preserve it unchecked Because circumstance

Fifa 17 The game for Richers and Everyone

Seem trivial, but if football does not put the ball in the net as you can hope for a draw. The gamer with years of experience know how to beat nimbly opposing defenses, but in FIFA 17 developers have been working on artificial intelligence to make it difficult to pierce the opponent’s rearguard. And so you need to know new tricks that allow you to easily score at Fifa 17. In the review of the set piece system has undergone some change also of the cross system is much simpler fly away on the wing and crossed the center towards your attacker that will be ready to head to crush the opponent brings. but a very simple action that ensures great satisfaction.

How to kick the corner in Fifa 17

The new system to beat the set pieces caused problems myriad fans, even those with years of career behind. But they take a couple of hours of experience to understand what tricks to use to kick a perfect corner to FIFA 17. The first thing to do is to place the ball in the best position to the features of the player: if you shot to go out it is advisable not to put the ball too close to the bottom line. Then you will need to identify the player who want to get the ball: Usually during the chosen corner are the defenders who, thanks to their height and the imperious detachment are more likely to reach the ball. Last but not least, the trajectory: a tense and around ball on the far post, always creates problems for the opponent’s rearguard. Following these tips will not only have to score directly from set pieces scheme.

The best Fifa 17 scheme to attack

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Every gamer / coach has his favorite scheme: some are fanatics of 4-5-1 with three midfielders ready to invent for the central striker, while others, following the example of the Italian coach, are adopting the 3-5-2 to cover the most of every area of the field. In fact the best deployment is the 4-3-3 tactic to be used together with “Possession” that you can set before you take the field. But you need to choose the right people to be put in: the director must have the ability to handle the ball in the most difficult moments and direct your ball is right and with the left without losing quality. Instead, the two midfielders have to be good to fit, but also to shield the play of opponents: midfielders classic box-to-box . Finally the two wings: players from the basic speed very high, and with an ease of dribbling that allows him to create numerical superiority. Finally, the striker must not be a phenomenon, but must have the “eye for goal.” Higuain would be perfect.

The best football players to buy into the career mode for FIFA 17

In Career mode any fan shows off his skills as a manager: Starting with a team of English lower divisions and bring it in triumph to the Champions League is the goal and the dream of every gamer . But when funds available are few, the only thing to do is to strive in the market seeking out the best young Spasi the world. Here is a list of the young promises of FIFA 17 to buy recently . Donnarumma for the door would be the logical choice, but Milan does not leave to escape its jewel, so you need to contact your Molde to try to take Horvath, name unknown, the insured annuity. Among the strikers are spoiled for choice between more or less established young stars of world football: a hidden treasure located in the United States and play in the Los Angeles Galaxy, Bradford Jamieson IV, which thanks to athletic ability can play all roles of the offensive front. If, however, you are looking for some back you can always leave the two best European schools: Arsenal and Valencia.To get free coins in fifa 17 use fifa 17 coin generator to dominate any team coming from the front thanks to free coin in fifa 17

How to defend the ball to Fifa 17



The great work of Electronic Arts is especially noticeable during clashes between players: now gamers can use the upper limbs to defend the ball from the attack of the opponent. Especially to protect the balloons coming from the defense, to take a position with the body is crucial. One trick to knock out the opposing defense time is to press the L2 button together with the analogue stick: it will cut off your opponent and you will be able to pick up the team.

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FIFA 17: 6 tips to become a pro game

Play FIFA is good. But even spend nonstop hours without eyes off the screen, so do things well.

Here are ten tips to become a pro in FIFA 17:

1. Press immediately after ball loss

FIFA 17 Tricks

In this sequel, the game developers have introduced artificial intelligence elements that in case of loss of ball, players immediately press the opponent to get the leather.

With this improvement, the defense is more responsive and aggressive. It will get used to this feature that makes it more realistic play.

2. Change training

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Change his formation: a must if you want to optimize your team on the field. Depending on the profile of your players and your opponents, you adapt.

The 4-2-3-1 and the 4-4-2 are the most common training, but do not hesitate to use the 3-5-2 that provide greater density in midfield, and training globally more offensive if your wingmen make weight.

3. Alternate different types of passes

FIFA 17 Cheats

Be a good player of Astuce FIFA 17 is also master the different types of passes that are available to you: short pass or long pass in the feet or deep, floor or lobed.

Only by alternating all types of passes that you will manage to develop a nice play on the pitch and scoring goals of anthology still surprising opponents.

4. A new way of the ball chipper

FIFA 17 Tricks

Another novelty introduced in FIFA 17 Hack is in the defensive area. Indeed, press B or round (depending on the game console) allows to approach the opponent and paste it to finally chipper the ball in the feet.

Impossible to fault with this method, which does not however always possible to recover the possession of the leather.

5. FIFA Ultimate Team

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FIFA Ultimate Team game mode (FUT for short) allows, as its name suggests, to establish the best team possible.

But it is not to add up the stars without thinking. We must also take into account the collective to create an alchemy, and pay particular attention to the players who have to play together as close to the ground.

6. New dribbles to surprise the opponent


As each new installment, EA has expanded the number of dribbles available.

Master the many opportunities dribbling available to you is one of the keys to and discover always a little your opponent and make you a master of the game.

The Best Drag Racing thunder got a major update


The basic concepts of CSR Racing 2 remain faithful to the original installment of the game

The sequel to the highly popular racing game  CSR Racing has finally arrived in the hands of NaturalMotion and Zynga and the basics remain the same. Hone your skills in endurance racing improves the cars you have, acquires other new advances through teams increasingly difficult races to prove yourself … Not much different from the original franchise, right?

Actually, this is not entirely true. Only enough to do things sometimes potentially confusing.

First trick: Green on the tachometer is your new best friend.

In this new installment of CSR Racing has disappeared waiting on your dashboard or “dashboard” when out and wait for the right time to change gear. Instead, your new friend when it comes to going fast is a green area on your tachometer .

At the start of the competition, you have to rev the engine so that the needle up to the green zone when the count reaches steel for a perfect start. Then, when you’re in the fever of competition, you need to shift gears when the needle back to green again.

Extra Tip: Worth on some cars revolutionize the needle back to the correct zone at the end of the count .

As in the original version, in this CSR Racing 2 your car will reach higher speeds when upgrading several components. There are five levels of upgrades for all seven parts, which will be accessible gold or money spending, with a sixth level you can only install if you win the correct specific part of the car.


In CSR Racing 2 there are special items that can make your car much better than others in the same category or level

The first three levels of updates can be installed immediately . Four five levels are imported parts (in the game world) and take time to be delivered at least you invest your gold and skip the wait.The best tool to get unlimited resources is by using the csr racing 2 cheats to add unlimited gold and cash in the game


There are also special items called “fusion parts” that can be installed after you made several updates to a given component. Melting parts do not add much to the potential of your car , but can make the difference between cars that under other circumstances would be exactly the same, they are also linked to certain brands (not models). csr racing 2 hack

Clash Royale: the trick to gain advantage elixir


In Clash Royale Hack items can be very tight if the matchmaking places before us an opponent with the same level as us. The truth is that this often happens in most cases, so that any errors can commit that we end up losing a tower and from there downhill to lose the game.

The good news is that there is a way to win so simple that seems so silly; use the advantage of elixir to lift us to victory. Normally, if the game is tight, the difference between winning and losing is to reach the last 20 seconds with a lead of 5 units elixir over our opponents, so we we tell you how to use that advantage.

Using the advantage of elixir

  • Control at all times the elixir rival . The first assaults of the game, whether ours or rival, are fairly simple to contain since it does not use a very aggressive strategy until the game is nearing completion. At that time, we must be very well controlled using the cards your opponent to attack or defend, which brings us to control the elixir that has been spent. Go blindly only get letters have to respond to our final attack, so we must have your elixir even more controlled than ours.
  • Proactive use cards to keep the advantage of elixir . This can be applied to the first 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the three minutes that lasts the game. We should always opt for proactive cards, which have an average consumption of elixir but at the same time are able to reach the opponent ‘s tower and cause some damage. For example, the mini dragon or giant are good cards to reach the tower, as long as we launch not two of them at the same time as we would at a disadvantage in the game.The balance is very important in each game, or if we do not reach the tower, will be wasted elixir.
  • Reaching the final seconds with +5 elixir respect our opponents . Here’s the real trick elixir, and it ‘s always come with more than 5 units elixir respect our opponents. As we will have thrown a letter to defend the final attack our opponent will be almost impossible to reach with the whole elixir bar, but 5 of elixir will be more than enough to win. As our troops defend the flank which attack the opponent, we will put the artillery on the other side and our opponent will have no way to stop the troops. This will give us the tower, and possibly victory.

Following these three steps will achieve that longed advantage of elixir that will make us win. The trouble is that we have a good level and good cards, so do not forget to go through our basic tips and advanced tips to win and our guides to quickly raise the level , get a lot of gold , make winning streams and get gems .